Presents, just in case.

Peroni Maddalena Distilleries welcome in their new showroom their customers and interested people to view all their offers.

A great choice of compositions in blown glass as already mentioned for the Bonbonniere, o be designed in series or individually for a supreme gift, extremely elegant and useful. In fact the main scope of these works is to contain, in a stylish mode, the homemade grappa.

Moreover Distilleries Peroni Maddalena offer a great variety of Christmas gifts with customized packaging in boxes, baskets and anything else really precious. The Christmas gifts, beside the Distilleries’ products, offer as well some alternative products such as chocolates with brandy, cherry liqueur, panettone, pandorate, nougats, etc.

You can also fine exquisite boxes of chocolates and just single pieces filled with their grappa.
Naturally, the company works both with private persons as with companies always doing its best to satisfy any type of demand.