Inimitable Taste

Many people don’t differ liquors from distillates, whereas the methods used for their production and their organoleptic characteristics distinguish them notably. Liquors are obtained by mixing of alcohol, sugar, flavorings and coloring agents.

The history of liquor has its roots in the Middle Ages when people still did not know modern medicine and for treatment used only herbal substances. There is no invention but just precise evolution of certain magic preparations served for healing. Thanks to the most modern and extensive studies in the field of fermentation and improvement in the production of sugar, the liquor industry was a further boost in bringing Italy, France and the Netherlands to be the main liquors producers.

Distilleries Peroni Maddalena offer a truly unique range from classic to refined bitter elixir, passing through flavored liqueurs up to a delicious Rosolio. Each liqueur produced by Peroni Maddalena Distilleries belongs to a particular recipe guarded by the family for decades and interpreted for the production of high quality products used by distiquished distributors, selected delicatessens and lots of families around the world.