Distillerie Peroni Maddalena, SIMPLY AUTHENTIC



The distillery Peroni Maddalena was born in Gussago, in Franciacorta, in 1969 by the mutual idea of mom Maddalena and dad Cav., officially Giuseppe Andreoli. At present their sons Carlo, Paola and Sandro Andreoli lead the company with passion and wisdom bringing forward the products, grape-brandies (Grappa), liqueurs, creams and much more. The success of today still remembers them the early days, when the distillery was equipped with a single copper steam boiler where every drop was squeezed with a great hope and enthusiasm in the dim light of a small winery. Today the distillery, still located in Franciacorta, can satisfy different demands of the customer. The family has considerably enlarged the installation of various equipment, but still maintaining the characteristic of the discontinuous steam system which is used very rare nowadays, but which guarantees, due to experience, the characteristic success to the excellent quality and identity. Distillery Peroni Maddalena from Franciacorta, a quality distilled drop by drop.